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Brazil is a World Benchmark in the Energy Sector

The production of biofuels is consolidating Brazil's leadership in the global market for renewable energy. This was the focal point of the discussions of the Seminar entitled Biofuels – Energy for the 21st Century, staged in Rio de Janeiro by O Globo newspaper in December 2008, which brought together representatives of the main entities and companies in the agrienergy sector. During the meeting the trends of the biofuels market, the impacts caused by the global economic crisis and social and environmental issues related to agrienergy were discussed.

Despite the current economic situation, the exhibitors shared an optimistic tone in their presentations. The president of Petrobras Biofuels, Alan Kardec Pinto, said that the crisis has not reduced the interest of international investors. In fact, according to Petrobras' director of Supplies, Paulo Roberto Costa, Brazilian exports of biofuels in 2008 increased by over 400% in relation to the previous year.

Brazil is the second largest producer of ethanol in the world, with the U.S. in first place. Renewable energy sources represent 46% of the Brazilian energy matrix, while the world average is only 13%. There is considerable room for growth in this market, according to Petrobras, which plans to invest US$ 2.8 billion in the sector by 2013.

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